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Like most schools we keep a register of children whose parents are interested in them taking up a place at our school. Putting your child’s name onto this register does not guarantee you a place at our school; it is merely an indication to ourselves about possible demand for places and enables us to ensure that we have sufficient resources to provide a balanced curriculum.   Pre Admission form follows:  pre Admission form At the start of the year during which your child is to start school the Gloucestershire County Council Children & Young People’s Directorate will send you a letter asking you to state, in order of preference, the school/schools you would like your child to attend. It is the Gloucestershire County Council Children & Young People’s Directorate Admissions Team and not the school that allocates places. If a parent does not get the school of their choice they have the right to appeal to the Gloucestershire County Council.  For our Admissions Policy please click here: Attendance Policy

Please note that attendance at the Little Hoots Pre-school does not have any bearing on places offered at the school.

Admissions – In Year

If you would like to enquire about a place for a child in-year, please complete the attached form and return it to the school.

In Year Application Form

Information on admission arrangements from Gloucestershire County Council can be found on the following link:



If your child needs to see the doctor, dentist, etc. we ask that when ever possible you make appointments outside of school time. When this is not possible we should be notified in advance of the appointment.


A whole school assembly, constituting the statutory act of worship, is held each school day. Children are seated in Owl Families and not in their class groups during our assemblies. Parents have the right to withdraw a child from assembly should they so wish. Parents are invited to attend our special assemblies, after class assembly’s parents are invited back to the classroom to view and celebrate their child’s work.



Teachers are continually assessing children’s progress so that they are sure of delivering the curriculum in a way that is most appropriate to each child’s needs. In addition the school has devised its own testing to support the teacher. This is incorporated into our normal lessons and the children may be unaware that this work is any different from the norm. At the end of each Key Stage the children are required to undergo Standard Assessment Tasks (SATs). We will endeavour to make this as stress free as we are able. Parents are notified of levels achieved by their child after the formal SATs testing in years two and six.



The school keeps daily attendance records, each half-day denoting one period of attendance. Copies of these records are sent annually to the Gloucestershire County Council Children & Young People’s Directorate and to the Department of Education and Employment. When a child is absent please telephone or e-mail to school to report the reason for the absence, if for any reason this is not possible, a note of explanation is required on his/her return to school. If an absence were likely to be lengthy early notification would be appreciated.  An Attendance Officer visits the school regularly to inspect our registers.  Any child with less than 85% attendance is liable to a letter or a visit.  See Attendance Statement 2018



The school has limited cloakroom space and bags of any description need not be brought into school. The school provides all the necessary pens, pencils etc. Our school book bags are provided for taking home reading books and homework. PE bags are provided by the school and are stored in the classrooms or changing rooms.



Children at Grangefield School are encouraged to manage their own behaviour with the aid of the staff and our school behaviour policy, see UBACUSUP. Incidents of silly behaviour are dealt with immediately and children are encouraged to consider the consequences of their actions. The school assembly is used as a vehicle to promote awareness of socially acceptable behaviour and values. Should a child be involved in a more serious incident or continually inappropriate behaviour their parents will be informed and asked to work with the school to overcome this.



Bicycles and scooters are brought to school entirely at your own risk. School cannot be responsible for them. Please bear in mind that there is limited space for bicycles and that children without cycling proficiency certificates should always be accompanied by an adult. We do advise you to lock bikes.



At Grangefield we regard bullying as a deliberate act, which results from a conscious desire to hurt, threaten or frighten someone. The staff has agreed on and the school adheres to our anti-bullying policy.  Anti Bullying Policy