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Car parking space is limited and parents and visitors are asked to avoid causing congestion. We encourage children and parents to walk to school whenever possible, this not only alleviates traffic congestion but is also the healthy option.  Parents are not  allowed to bring their cars inside the school gates.



Grangefield School will, wherever possible, fund educational activities through Grange Money or the school budget, but recognises that at times there may be the necessity to ask for additional voluntary parental contributions.



As a school we are asked to support many charities and feel unable to offer help to everyone who requests our help.  Each year, in consultation with the children, we decide which charities we can support.  During the school year we then undertake a small number of activities to fund raise.  In addition to fund raising we are also actively involved in collecting for appeals. To date we have collected such things as glasses and shoes and have been involved in operation ‘Christmas child’. Food stuff collected at our Harvest festival is made into food parcels and donated to the Cheltenham food bank.



Little Hoots, which is attached to our school, run before and after school sessions.  During holiday time they also run a holiday club.  For further information please contact Little Hoots directly on 01242 678400 or visit their website:  www.littlehoots.co.uk



Children have the opportunity to attend various clubs and activities after school hours. Our clubs include sports clubs, art clubs, music club, and many more. Clubs on offer are reviewed each term and change throughout the year.  Children are expected to make a firm commitment to any club they choose to attend.



There are differing views with regard to competition, but in school every effort is made to ensure that competition is healthy and fair. Children need to know how to lose, as well as win, with good grace. Children are encouraged to try and beat their own best efforts rather than compare themselves with others. As a school we enter into inter school competitions including football, netball, tag rugby, the knex challenge and the nature quiz.



It is in everyone’s interest that complaints are resolved at the earliest possible stage, quickly and fairly. The class teacher should be the initial contact for any complaints, queries and general concerns. If it has not been possible to make the complaint informally or should you have a formal complaint about any aspect of life within our school we ask that you bring it to the attention of the Head Teacher who will certainly make every attempt to sort things out. If you are not totally satisfied with the Head Teacher’s response you should approach the Chair of the Governors. The contact number and address of our chairman is available at the school office.



At Grangefield we are conscious of being part of a community and try to be involved whenever appropriate. As a school we are involved in events such as the village fair and welcome help from local groups.



We are extremely fortunate to have a copse as part of our school grounds. This is being developed as an educational area in which the children are able to both study and play.



The school is legally obliged to deliver the National Curriculum as laid down by Parliament to all children in years 1 – 6. We have arranged the Programme of Studies in a theme based way which change throughout the year. Reception children’s work is based on the Foundation Stage Curriculum.   For further information about our curriculum click here.


Dinner time

Parents can choose either to send in a packed lunch or to have a hot dinner cooked by Caterlink.  A copy of the menu can be found here : Spring Menu 2020

All infant children are entitled to a universal free school meal.  Please contact the office for details.    The meals cost £2.34 and dinners can be purchased through Parent Pay.  Lunchtime is considered to be part of the school day and is treated as a social occasion. Children eat under supervision and are encouraged to show good manners and eating habits.

Children are encouraged to bring a healthy lunch box.  Please avoid fizzy drinks, chocolate bars and sweets.  Children can bring crisps, chocolate covered biscuits and wafers.



The school takes all necessary steps to prevent disabled pupils being treated less favourably than other pupils.  The governing body have an accessibility plan that makes reasonable adjustments to the premises for increasing the access to the school by pupils with disabilities.  The school will endeavour to work very closely with parents in this matter.



The school encourages a sense of self-discipline. Everyone is encouraged to celebrate their uniqueness, value each other as individuals and respect people and property. Rules are kept to a minimum and are intended to promote a high standard of behaviour and safety. We actively encourage good manners, a respect for the environment and a willingness to care for the feelings of others. See Behaviour Policy



Dogs, other than dogs for the disabled, are not allowed on the school premises without permission, either in the building or in the grounds for reasons of health and safety.