E to G

Emergency Clothing

A stock of emergency clothing is kept in school in case of illness or accidents. Should this clothing be loaned to your child we ask that it is washed and returned at your earliest convenience.


Emergency Contact

It is important that the school is provided with an emergency contact number where a responsible adult is available. If a child is involved in an accident at school that requires medical attention the responsible adult will be contacted and either advised of what the school is doing or asked to attend.


Equal Opportunities

Grangefield School values every member of its community and celebrates individuality whilst working together for the benefit of all. We recognise that everyone has unique talents and encourage the development of these.



Our school building is filled with exciting displays and our library is filled with hundreds of books. We have a wonderful computer area containing fixed computers and a bank of laptops. All classrooms are equipped with interactive white boards. All of our equipment is ‘smartwater’ marked. We have a purpose built music room and changing rooms for the junior children.  We are in the process of having building work done, you can track progress through our newsletter.


Fund raising

Although funds are allocated to the school to pay for educational necessities there is not always enough money for the fun activities. We endeavour to raise funds for the little extras and are grateful to the Grangefield PTA for their help.


Gifted and Talented

In line with national and Local Authority practise we identify and work with our gifted and talented children. We keep a gifted and talented register, our Key Stage Two team leader co-ordinates the work with identified children. Once a child is identified additional and differentiated work is provided as required and their progress throughout the school is monitored.


Grange Money

We ask all parents to contribute £5 per short term to cover our costs (six terms per year). This money is also used to help cover the cost of any additional items including book and P.E. bags, trips, cooking ingredients, food for tasting and birthday cakes.



We are extremely fortunate to be situated in such a lovely location. The land in front of our school is home to our football, rugby, rounders and hockey pitches and our netball courts. We have an all weather surface at the rear of the building that provides a play space whatever the weather. Our grounds have been landscaped and the plants, shrubs and trees are becoming established and are enriching our school environment.