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Head lice

Occasionally we have incidences of head lice at school. This unfortunately is common in all schools. Should we be aware of any cases we will inform all parents of the children in the class involved so that parents can check their own children’s hair. Advice on how to remove head lice can be obtained from the chemist.


Health and Safety

All staff at Grangefield work to ensure the safety of the children in our care. The school has a Health and Safety Policy and a Governor responsible for ensuring that standards are set and adhered to.


Healthy Eating

Children at Grangefield are encouraged to eat healthy alternatives. The school takes part in the Healthy Eating Programme which involves every child being offered a piece of fruit or vegetable to eat at their morning break. Children are also provided with a water bottle to encourage them to drink throughout the day.


Help in the classroom

If you would like to help in our classrooms please have a word with your child’s teacher or the Head Teacher. We often need help and would be only too pleased to ‘find you a job’. Please bear in mind that if you do offer to help, the teacher will plan accordingly.



A list of school holiday dates can be found here .  Experience has shown that where attendance is strong a child achieves more and is more settled. We find that when a child has been absent, not only is it the days missed, but also the catch up time afterwards.    The right of a head teacher to authorise any absence has been taken away.  Consequently no family holiday, short break or day out can be authorised, except in exceptional circumstances.  See Attendance Statement 2015.


Home-school links

Links are established between home and school even before the children start their formal education. The staff make every effort to be available to parents, although teaching commitments often restricts this to after school. Messages concerning children should be left at the school office and will be delivered to the teacher concerned as soon as possible. Ofsted style questionnaires are periodically issued to parents to gauge their feelings about the school and its effectiveness.


Home Time

At the end of the school day the children leave the building via the back door in their classroom. The class teacher will allow the children to leave after they have been dismissed and when the parent or carer has been identified.  Children in Years 5 and 6 are allowed to leave without waiting for a responsible adult once the school has been informed in writing by the parent that they wish this to happen.   Older siblings must not be responsible in collecting younger siblings without the parent being present.  On occasions parents are held up for some reason and are not able to make it to school for the end of the afternoon teaching session. If this should happen to you please don’t panic we will look after your child until you arrive. If at all possible, please ring the school so that we can let your child know what is happening.


Home work

Soon after the children start school they are given their own book bag. This is used to carry our shared reading books and any pieces of work that the teacher would like completing at home. As a rule our infant children do not bring work home other than reading, spellings, mental maths games and shared reading books. They may, however be asked to find out about various things and/or to bring things such as photographs into the class. Homework increases as the children progress through the school.



Should your child become ill at school we will contact you so that he/she can be taken home. Certain infectious diseases require that a child be kept away from school for a period. These include sickness, diarrhoea, conjunctivitis, impetigo and other contagious illnesses. Please do not bring in a sick child no matter how much they want to be here. Please leave at least 48hrs after a child has last been sick before returning them to school.



Many children require an inhaler at some time in their school career. If this is the case with your child we suggest that you arrange for a second inhaler that can be left at the school so that it can be used as necessary. Children should be able to use their own inhalers under school supervision.