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It is school policy that no jewellery should be worn. Children with pierced ears may wear studs. It is county policy that studs be removed for P.E. and swimming.


Key Stages

As a primary school we are involved in the education of children in the first two Key Stages of their school life. Key Stage 1 children are those aged 4-6 and Key Stage 2 children are those aged 7-11. Reception aged children are currently referred to as being in the Foundation Stage.

  • Foundation Stage – The first year in school, reception class.
  • Key Stage 1 – The infant years, Year 1 & Year 2.
  • Key Stage 2 – The junior years, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 & Year 6.



Our doors open for the children at 8.45am each school day. As the school day doesn’t officially begin until 9am this gives parents 15 minutes during which their child can enter the school via the children’s door. After 9 am the children must come into the building via the main entrance where there is a book to sign. This book is used in conjunction with the registers in the event that we need to vacate the building.



Our school is very much part of the local community and we aim to forge and develop links with other establishments within the village. Our children visit the local churches, take part in the Bishops Cleeve Festival and we try to become involved as much as possible in the life of the village. We invite local residents to work with us, sharing experiences, supporting school activities and helping us to develop and deliver the curriculum.


Local Schools

Grangefield School works closely with the other schools in the area. We have links with both primary and secondary schools. Staff from the various schools meet together to develop various aspects of the curriculum including the provision of special educational needs. There are strong links with Cleeve Secondary School and groups of pupils from both schools make exchange visits. Staff of both schools work together to ensure the smoothest possible transfer from primary to secondary education.