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Medical/Personal information

It is important that the school is informed of any personal or medical matters that may affect a child’s education. Such information will be treated in the strictest confidence.



If your child requires medicine, we can administer prescribed medication after your consent has been given and the correct forms filled in. We cannot administer any un-prescribed medication but welcome parents to the school to administer it themselves if it suits them.  For more information please see our Medical Policy on our School Documents page.



Any money brought into school should be in a named envelope. Sorry but no responsibility can be accepted for money lost on the premises.



Information about the school and forthcoming events is provided by means of a weekly newsletter. These are published here every Friday and also a copy can be found on our outside noticeboard.  If you require a hard copy, please let the school office know.


Notice Boards

We have an outdoor notice board located by the entrance to the children’s back playground. This is primarily to display information about the school which will include dates and notice of planned activities.


Owl Families

All the children attending Grangefield School belong to Owl Families. There are six Owl Families:

  • Hawk Owls
  • Eagle Owls
  • Great Grey Owls
  • Tawny Owls
  • Barn Owls
  • Snowy Owls

Reception children are adopted by their Owl Family at the end of their first term in school. They then join that family at assembly time. After their first Christmas in school the reception children join their Owl Family in their owl group sessions.


Owl Family Activities

Each Owl Family consists of children from each of the year groups.  Three times a week the children meet in their Owl Families to enjoy different activities to include PHSE, values, safety, global/cultural activities, joint projects and competitions which embed our values, ethos and curriculum drivers.   This time spent with the Owl Family ensures a friendly atmosphere, allows all staff to work with and get to know all the children and encourages the children to work with children who are not part of their own class.



Parents are always welcome in the school.  Our teachers are happy to speak with parents. Should you need to speak to your child’s teacher it is usually easier for everyone if you are able to do so at the end of the school day as we start working with the children as soon as they arrive at school.


Parents evenings

These are held during the autumn and spring terms.   Parents can either attend on their own or with their child. This is a chance for parents to find out how their child is coping in the classroom. The appointments last 10 minutes each. Books and project folders are available at these meetings as well as after class assemblies when the parents can look at the work at their leisure.



PE Uniform – All year groups

Initially Reception children have their PE lessons in the school hall and the children work in their poloshirts and jogging bottoms. Reception children do not require a PE kit until the summer term.

  • Green t-shirt with logo
  • Navy shorts or skort
  • Green sweatshirt with logo
  • Navy jogging bottoms (winter)


PE kit can be purchased at: Schooltogs, 252 High Street, Cheltenham, GL50 3HF.  Tel: 01242 523632    Email: chelt@schooltogs.com.  Shop opening hours are Monday to Saturday 9am – 5pm.PE kits are kept at school in PE bags provided by the school.




Little Hoots pre-school is attached to our school site. This facility is privately run and managed independently of the school itself.  More information about Little Hoots can be obtained from the pre-school office telephone number 01242 678400 or visit their website.   Parents are welcome to make an appointment to view the pre-school, which is available for children aged three.  Little Hoots also run a before and after school sessions.  For information on this please go to Childcare

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