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Children spend a great deal of each day reading to and reading with their teacher.  Books are sent home each evening to be shared with parents. Parents of our reception class children are invited to an information evening shortly after their child starts school at which our approach to the teaching of reading is explained and any questions answered.


Reading Passports

Each child is issued with a reading passport. The child (or parent) is asked to write in the title of the book that they have been given to read. It is extremely important for your child’s reading development that they are listened to/read with each night.   If your child enjoys the challenge of reading please encourage them to read books in addition to our school books. We would hope that every child is a member of the library.


Religious Education

By law Religious Education must be taught according to the locally agreed syllabus in all maintained schools. Religious Education does not seek to urge religious beliefs on children or to compromise the integrity of their own beliefs by promoting one religion over another.



Annual reports informing parents of their child’s progress and effort in all subjects are sent out during the summer term.


School day

Our school day is clearly defined and timetabled.

  • 8.45am    –  Doors open
  • 9.00am   –   Official start of our school day
  • 9.10 am   –  First lesson of the morning
  • 10.30am  –  Snack time
  • 10.35am  –  Playtime
  • 10.50am  –  Second lesson of the morning
  • 11.50am   –  Dinner Time
  • 12.50pm  –  Start of afternoon lessons
  • 1.50pm    –  Playtime for Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 children
  • 3.15pm    –  End of the school day


School Nurse

We are fortunate to have access to a school nurse team.  They support our school in all matters medical and are available to teachers and parents on request.  Should your child be involved, your permission would be sought before we approached the school nurse team.


Secondary transfer

The Gloucestershire County Council Children & Young People’s Directorate sends parents of children in Year 6 information regarding transfer to secondary school early in the Autumn term. Registration for grammar school takes place during the Summer term of Year 5, further information is available from the grammar school websites.  We hope that all of our children are offered a place at their preferred school. We work closely with the schools in the area to supply them with any relevant information about the children and to ensure a smooth and hopefully, stress free transfer. We are happy to pass on to the children and parents any information we receive about or from the secondary schools to which our children may transfer.



Our school building is designed in a way that does not allow anyone to enter the school uninvited. The children’s entrance to the school is only open for a limited period each morning and during that time the staff monitors who is entering the building. All other visitors are received at the main school entrance where there are security measures in place. All visitors must sign our visitors’ book before they are allowed into the main school building.

Fencing surrounds the outside of the school. All equipment used in school is ‘smartwater’ marked.


Sex Education

At Grangefield we deal with questions of a sexual nature in a caring and sympathetic way, appropriate to the age of the child with the enquiry. Our Year 5 and 6 children are taught about human reproduction as part of their PSHE and science curriculums. Parents will be informed when this area of the curriculum is to be covered.



Smoking is not permitted on school premises. This is a County Council directive.



The school provides a morning drink and a piece of fruit for all of the children.


Special Educational Needs

We believe that all of our children are special and endeavour to provide the best possible education for each of them. In line with national practice we have a special needs coordinator and a governor responsible for special needs within the school. If a child is identified as having needs that require additional provision they are placed on the Gloucestershire Graduated Pathway of Support. . Parents are notified before any child is placed on the pathway and are kept fully informed of their child’s progress. The whole team around each child work together to support them and ensure that they can succeed and thrive at Grangefield School.


Sports day

As in most schools we hold an annual sports day to which all parents are invited. The staff will decide the format of the day shortly before the day itself.


Support services

Our school is supported in all aspects by the Gloucestershire County Council Children & Young People’s Directorate. Our financial and personnel management is undertaken in conjunction with the staff based at Shire Hall.


Starting school

Once you have been offered and have accepted a place for your child the school will arrange for you and your child to meet with the teacher, visit the classroom and explain the admission procedure.

At Grangefield we admit the children in three groups. The children initially attend school mornings only but this quickly builds up to a full day. Experience has shown us that it is best to start by admitting the youngest children first.