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Children are discouraged from bringing toys into school. In that way we avoid the upset that occurs when toys are lost, broken or borrowed. Children may be asked to bring in items to support the work they are undertaking in the classroom. When this is the case we make every effort to ensure that they are looked after.



We follow a behaviour policy which allows children to be rewarded wherever possible as well as have a graded sanction system depending on the behaviour shown. It is designed so that children, teachers and parents all work together and follow the same principles. The full document is available on our website,



All uniform can be purchased at: Schooltogs, 252 High Street, Cheltenham, GL50 3HF.  Tel: 01242 523632    Email:  Shop opening hours are Monday to Saturday 9am – 5pm.  Schooltogs have a list of our uniform.

Details of our uniform follows:

Reception Class Uniform:

Boys and girls – navy jog bottoms and white polo shirt (with or without logo).  Navy sweatshirt with logo.  Girls can wear navy cardigan with logo.  Girls can wear blue summer dresses in the summer term.  Boys can wear plain navy fitted shorts in the summer term.

Y1-Y6 Uniform:

White polo shirt with or without logo.  Navy sweatshirt with logo.  Girls can wear navy cardigan with logo.  Boys must wear plain navy elasticated waist or normal fitted trousers.  Boys can wear fitted navy shorts in the summer.  Girls must wear either fitted plain navy trousers, navy skirt or navy tunic.  Girls can wear a blue summer dress in the summer term.  Socks or tights must be white or navy.

See PE section for information on PE kits.



As part of the National Curriculum our children will be involved in visits and outings. On such occasions parents will be notified in advance and asked for their permission for their child to be involved. Whenever possible all or part of the cost will be borne by the school, however parents may be asked to make a voluntary contribution if the school does not have sufficient funds to allow the trip to take place.


Web site

Our website, at, is managed by the school. We will endeavour to post latest news and photo galleries as each term passes. The website also contains various policies and procedures that may be of interest, along with information about the school.


Walking to School

It is the policy of the Local Education Department and of the school to encourage our children to walk to school. Walking to school is not only the healthy alternative but also environmentally friendly. We hope that parents, carers and children will take advantage of the many pathways, which cross our village.