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The work of the Governing Body

The governing body at Grangefield School focuses its time and energy on the challenges and opportunities for school improvement. The board of governors operate at a strategic level to govern the school; leaving the Headteacher and senior school leaders responsible and accountable to the governing body for the operational day to day running of the school.

The board of governors will focus on 3 core functions:

  • Setting the vision, ethos and strategic direction of the school
  • Holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school
  • Ensuring financial resources are used and spent well


At Grangefield School the governing body board formally reconstituted in 2015. The board of governors now comprises:

  • 4 parent governors (elected by other parents at the school),
  • 1 local authority governor (nominated by the Local Authority and appointed by the governing body),
  • 5 co-opted governors (appointed by the governing body),
  • 1 staff governor (elected by the school staff), and
  • the Headteacher.

Governors are volunteers, who serve a term of office of 4 years, and should have the skills knowledge and experience the governing body needs to be effective and contribute to the success of the school.

Governors are supported by Mrs O’Connor, the clerk to the governing body.

They meet as a full governing body at least once a term, i.e. 6 times per year. At the first meeting in each academic year the Chair and Vice Chair are elected. The structure and membership of the committees is also considered and reviewed.


In addition to the full board of governors, to aid effective governance, 3 committees have been established on which various governors with specific skills sit. The full governing body delegate particular roles and responsibilities to these committees:

  • Resources

Its remit includes the good use of money allocated to the school budget, monitoring actual spend and the impact this is having. It oversees staffing, including the recruitment, performance management of the Headteacher and staff training and development. It also deals with the school premises, including site development and grounds matters.

  • Curriculum and Standards

Its remit includes the monitoring of the national curriculum and raising the standards achieved by the school pupils. It closely monitors groups within the school community, looking at progress being achieved and the progress towards the targets set within the school development plan.

  • Community

Its remit includes developing the ethos and values of the school, behaviour policies and the school in the wider world. It also seeks to ensure the views of pupils, parents, staff and the wider community is heard.

Contacting the governors

The governors work closely with the Headteacher, senior school leaders and all other members of staff. The governors regularly attend school assemblies and events and parent governors can often be found at the start or end of the school day.

Please get to know the governors and feel free to approach them (look for the green lanyards).

The chair of governors can always be directly contacted via email or alternatively please leave a message with the school office. We welcome all views and comments about the school.

If you are interested in becoming a governor, please do not hesitate to let the school know. We will be happy to give you more information to help you clearly understand the role of a governor at Grangefield School.

Our Governors

Mr Colin PeCP Passacey Chair of Board of Governors (Co-opted Governor) 

Term: 16.3.2015-15.3.2019 – Appointed: 2000


Colin was appointed a parent governor when the school opened in Sept 2000 and became a Local Authority governor in Sept 2012.  In Sept 2015 Colin became a co-opted Governor.  Colin’s family have always lived in Bishops Cleeve.  His wife, Alison, is a primary school Head Teacher.  His two children, both attended Grangefield School and have now moved onto Cleeve School and University.  Colin graduated from Plymouth with a degree in Environmental Science, trained with Hazelwoods and is the financial controller for Cotswold Collections Ltd, a Cheltenham based mail order company.

Committees:  Resources, and Curriculum &  Standards.

Attendance 2016-2017:  Full Governing Body 100%, Community 83%, Curriculum & Standards 100% and Resources 100%.

Mr Philip (Phil) JohPJ Passnson Chair of Curriculum and Standards Committee  (Co-opted Governor)

Phil has been the nominated SEND Governor since 2008

Term:  16.3.2015-15.3.2019 – Appointed: 2004

Phil is a resident of Prestbury, married, with three sons and three grandsons.  Professionally he is a Chartered Town Planner who has worked for a number of authorities throughout the country, ending as Director of Planning for Northumberland.  On moving to Cheltenham in 1994 Phil became a lecturer in the Environment Department at the University of Gloucestershire.  Phil is now retired enjoying walking, theatre, travel and family.

Committees: Curriculum and Standards, Resources and Health and Safety.

Attendance 2016-2017:  Full Governing Body 83%, Curriculum & Standards 100% and Resources 83%.

??????????????????????????????????Mrs Karen Lewis (Head Teacher) 

Term: Whilst in Post – Appointed: 1.9.2010

Karen has been Head Teacher at Grangefield since September 2010.  Karen was previously Head at Swell and Longborough Primary Schools.  Karen entered teaching in 1986 and has taught across all key stages and abroad.  Karen is married with two sons now at sixth form and university.

Committees:  Resources, Curriculum &  Standards and Community.

Attendance 2016-2017:  Full Governing Body 100%, Community 100%, Curriculum & Standards 100% and Resources 100%.

131784_120095__132341_schB_GrangeF_Staff_Hannah_Gilroy Mrs Hannah Gilroy (Co-opted Governor)

Term: 16.3.2015-15.3.2019 – Appointed: 2006

Hannah has been a teacher at Grangefield since 2004 and Deputy Head since 2011.   Hannah is currently teaching in KS1 and has taught in most Key Stage 2 classes.  Hannah has taught in two other schools, one in Gloucestershire and one in Devon.  Hannah is a keen sportswomen who runs regularly; a highlight being taking part in the London Marathon 2012.  Hannah has two young daughters.

Committees: Curriculum & Standards and Resources.

Attendance 2016-2017:  Full Governing Body 100% and Resources 0%.



jo-hiltonMiss Jo Hilton (Parent Governor) (Child Protection (Safeguarding) Governor)

Term: 4.10.2016-3.10.2020 – Appointed: 2016

Jo lives in Bishops Cleeve and has one son who currently attends Grangefield.  Jo grew up in Cheltenham and attended the University of Gloucestershire where she earned a degree in Primary Education. She currently works in Financial Services for a local company but also has experience in both Arts and Education settings. Jo is passionate about schools educating the whole child and believes that a rich variety of experiences and opportunities can help to develop the personal skills each child needs to become successful.

Committee: Curriculum & Standards.

Attendance 2016-17: Full Governing Body 100% and Curriculum & Standards 80%.

Aimee Williams (Parent Governor)

Term: 4.10.2016-3.10.2020- Appointed: 2016

Aimee grew up in Cornwall where she gained her International Diploma in Beauty Therapy that allowed her to travel and work abroad.  After spending time living and working in Australia, Aimee relocated to Cheltenham in 2007 and settled in Bishops Cleeve with her husband and two daughters.  Aimee has one child at Grangefield School.

Committee: Curriculum & Standards.

Attendance: Full Governing Body 80% and Resources 100%.

Dominique Woolley (Parent Governor)

Term: 20.11.2017-20.11.2021 – Appointed: 2017

Dominique lives in Bishop’s Cleeve and has two children who attend Grangefield. Dominique grew up on the Isle of Man and left in 1996 to study Landscape Architecture the University of Gloucestershire. After completing her degree she won a scholarship to promote the culture of the Isle of Man at the University of Idaho. During her stay in the US she visited local schools and gave talks about growing up on a small island. It was then that she became interested in education and subsequently went on to gain her PGCE, in primary education, at the University of Gloucestershire. After spending some time teaching IT skills and training staff how to use virtual learning environments at Gloscol, Dominique started work for local educational publishers Nelson Thornes. She now works as Senior Editor/Instructional designer at Haremi Ltd., a leading supplier to educational publishers around the world. Dominique believes that children should be treated as individuals and that holistic approach should be taken to ensure they thrive throughout their school life.

Committee: Community.

Mr Andrew Moss (Associate Member)

Term: 1.10.2016-30.9.2020 Appointed: 2012

Andrew lives in Bishops Cleeve and has two children.  Andrew grew up in Lancashire; attending University in Hull, before moving to Cheltenham in 1994, and then qualifying as an accountant.  Andrew spent 20 years working in the finance profession.  Since 2010 he has run his own accountancy business.   Andrew has been involved with the school for a number of years, helping out when he can, particularly with the school football team. He also runs a local children’s football team at Cleeve Colts.  Andrew believes that sport at school, no matter what the sport or what level it is played, should play a big part in a child’s development.  Andrew was a former Governor at Grangefield.

Committee:  Resources.

Attendance 2015-2016:  Full Governing Body 100% and Resources 100%.

Former Governors

Mrs Davina Partridge (Parent Governor) Term: 4.10.2016-3.10.2020- Appointed: 2016: Attendance 2016-17:  Full Governing Body 80% and 80 Community.  Committees: Community.

Mrs Abi Stokes (Staff Governor), Term: 4.10.2016-3.10.2020 – Appointed: 2016, Committees: Community, Attendance 2016-17: Full Governing Body 100% and Curriculum & Standards 100%.

Mr Simon Edwards (Local Authority) Term: 6.5.2016-5.5.2020  – Appointed: 2009.  Committees: Curriculum and Standards and Community.  Attendance 2016-2017:  Full Governing Body 50%, Community 50% and Curriculum & Standards 33%.

Mr John W.Coopey MBE Chair of Community Committee (Co-opted Governor) Health and Safety Governor since 2008.  Term: 16.3.2015-15.3.2019  – Appointed: 2004.  Attendance 2015-2016:  Full Governing Body 67%, Community 83% and Resources 67%.

Mr Alan Cornish Chair of Resources Committee (Co-opted Governor)  Term: 16.3.2015-15.3.2019 – Appointed: 2004.  Attendance 2015-2016:  Full Governing Body 100% and Resources 100%.

Mr Andrew Moss (Parent Governor), Term: 2012-2016 – Appointed: 2012, Committees: Resources 100% and Full Governing Body 100%.  

Mr Ian Fletcher (Parent Governor), Term: 2012-2016 – Appointed: 2012, Committees: Curriculum and Standards, Attendance 1.10.2015-30.09.2016:  Full Governing Body 33% and Curriculum & Standards 33%.

Mrs Lorraine Cooper (Parent Governor), Term: 19.11.2012-18.11.2016 – Appointed 2012.  Committees: Curriculum and standards. Attendance: Full Governing Body 100% andCurriculum & Standards 50%.

Mrs Allison Lack (Staff Governor) , Term: 16.3.2013-2017 – Appointed: 2013 – Resigned: 2016, Committee: Community and Curriculum & Standards, Attendance 2015-2016:  Full Governing Body 83%, Community 100% and Curriculum & Standards 67%.

Business and Pecuniary Interests

Mrs Gilroy has recorded a business interest, in the register of interests, as the spouse of the company that proves design and marketing services to the school.