Teaching Staff

  • Head Teacher: Mrs Karen Lewis
  • Acting Deputy Head: Mrs Debbie Phillips
  • Foundation Stage: RA – Mrs Sarah Hodgetts
  • Foundation Stage: RB – Mrs Louise Patel (Foundation Stage Leader)
  • Y1A: Mrs Vanessa Edwards
  • Y1B: Mrs Viv Migliaccio (Year 1 Phase Leader)
  • Y2A: Mr Clive Wooding
  • Y2B: Miss Kate Bennett
  • Y3A: Mrs Briony Newitt (Y2/Y3 Phase Leader)
  • Y3B: Mrs Angela Timms 
  • Y4A: Mr Adam Spicer
  • Y4B: Mr Jacob Slater
  • Y5: Miss Gemma Dadge
  • Y6: Mr Alex Allard (Y4/Y5/Y6 Phase Leader)
  • SENCO: Mrs Alex Phoneix
  • PPA: Mrs Sarah Adams
  • PPA: Mrs Gill Hadfield
  • PPA: Mrs Luci Smith

Teaching Assistants

  • Foundation Stage: RA: Mrs Luci Smith
  • Foundation Stage: RB: Mrs Eleanor Ogden
  • Y1 Team: Miss Karen Eckersley & Mrs Rachel Anderson
  • Y2 Team: Mrs Nicola Joscelyne and Mrs Anna Dee
  • Y3 Team: Mrs Arthur and Mrs Kennedy
  • Y4: Mrs Gill Hadfield
  • Y5: Mrs Allie Lack & Mrs Carol Phillips 1:1
  • Y6: Mrs Caren Kempster & Miss Ruth Bargus & Mrs Jo Rushton 1:1
  • Miss Laura Hunt – Children and Families Support Worker

SEN Support TA’s

  • Mrs Caren Kempster
  • Mrs Allie Lack
  • Mrs Nicola Joscelyne

Lunchtime Supervisors

  • Mrs Julia Arthur
  • Mrs Gill Hadfield
  • Mrs Anne Clark
  • Mrs Anna Dee
  • Miss Karen Eckersley
  • Mrs Victoria Harvey
  • Mrs Carol Phillips
  • Mrs Clare Kennedy
  • Mrs Jo Rushton
  • Mrs Lucy Cross
  • Mrs Rachel Anderson
  • Mrs Catherine Austin
  • Ms Sacha Burges


  • Mrs Jane O’Connor Mon/Tues/Wed
  • Mrs Helena Bowen Wed/Thurs/Fri
  • Ms Sacha Burges Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri


  • Mrs Marie Stickings


  • Mrs Marie Stickings
  • Mrs Jane Taylor
  • Miss Jade Packer