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Diwali fun in Year 1

Hannah from Tesco visited and the children tasted some food that is eaten during the celebration of Diwali; decorated biscuits with colourful icing, used their sense of smell to describe different spices.

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Y1 Potato Harvest

Y1 had a wonderful afternoon harvesting their potato crop and making a delicious potato salad. They all thoroughly enjoyed the process, especially the tasting!


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Farm to Fork Visit

As part of our Design Technology work, Y1 visited Tesco in Bishops Cleeve to find out about where different foods come from and what a healthy diet is. They were able to taste lots of healthy snacks and even made their own magic muesli.


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Y1 Olympic


Y1 Olympic Multiskills Festival – Cleeve School

On Tuesday afternoon Y1 went to an exciting sports festival run by Cleeve school students.  The children were divided into 3 teams and competed against 12 other teams from local schools. The events included golf, basketball, athletics and tennis.  The children thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and showed wonderful skills, not to mention a fabulous determination and team spirit.  We were incredibly proud of them and even prouder when we reached the award ceremony and found out that we had achieved 6th, 3rd AND 2nd place. Well done to all the children for taking part and a special thank you to the parents who accompanied us.

Team Points Total Position
Italy (W) 863 8
Jamaica(W) 886 7
Japan (W) 741 13
South Africa (Gr) 1000 2
Spain (Gr) 901 6
USA (Gr) 965 3
Australia (BC) 735 14
Barbados (BC) 773 12=
Brazil ( BC) 856 9
Canada (GO) 904 5
China (GO) 1038 1
France (GO) 773 12 =
Germany (P) 847 10
GB (P) 833 11
India (P) 950 4


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