Year 3

Year 3 curriculum newsletter Autumn 2018 2019


Year 3 have been having great fun learning and performing Haiku Poetry.

Year 3 Curriculum newsletter Aut 2017 2018

Summer Curriculum newsletter Y3

Year 3 ended their ‘Stone Age’ topic by having a Stone Age day.  The children made their own paint from natural resources, painted Stone Age paintings and whittled their own spears using knifes.  The children had lots of fun going back in time. 


The children were very excited at the opportunity to facetime a Year 3 class in Qatar.  They were very interested in the answers the children gave to their questions and were shocked at how early they started school.

During Geography the children used the atlas to extend their knowledge of the world.


 In Design and Technology Year 3 sewed their own Ancient Egyptian teddy bears. These were carefully planned, created and reviewed before being taken home to be enjoyed!