Grangefield School

Year 5

Curriculum Newsletter – Y5 spring

Brilliant Beowulf!

Year 5 have been exploring Beowulf since returning back to school.  The children have been participating in drama to re-enact the story – take a look at some of our freeze frames!  Can you guess what might be happening in each picture?

We’re gonna build a house!

Year 5 had fun in Science this week. They planned their own scientific enquiry, looking at which materials they thought would be suitable to make a stable house. The children carried out their planned investigation, tested their hypothesis and then reported their findings in a range of different ways.  We have some future scientists in the making! 

If chance will have me king, why, chance may crown me – Macbeth

It has been an action packed half-term so far in Year 5!  We were very lucky to welcome the Young Shakespeare Company into our school where we, alongside Year 6, watched a fantastic performance of Macbeth!  The next day, we re-enacted some of the key scenes.  Have a look at our dramatic ‘freeze-frames’ below! We currently have our reporter hats on and are writing our very own newspaper reports based on Macbeth’s mysterious death.


Back in time in Year 5

This half-term, Year 5 have taken a step back in time with our topic ‘All Aboard the Time Machine!’   They have travelled backwards 20 years to when Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was first published and have produced a setting description based on Diagon Alley.   They are currently finishing their persuasive adverts based on the fantastic broomsticks they have designed.   The children loved being sorted into their Harry Potter Houses!  They have also travelled back in time to see how houses have developed.  Currently, they are exploring what home life was like during WW2 and will end this half-term by exploring Victorian houses.   It has been an exciting start to Year 5!

Curriculum Newsletter – Y5