Grangefield School

Year 5

Curriculum Newsletter – Y5


Victorian Christmas

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 Tudor House

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DT Day

Textile life cycle project. 


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Curriculum Newsletter – Spring Term

Y5 Visit Skillzone Centre 

Children from Year 5 visited the Skillzone Centre in Gloucester. The children answered questions about safety prior to entering the state-of-the-art life sized village.  It is a fully interactive learning environment to teach people of all ages how to recognise dangerous situations and stay safe.  Year 5 learnt about safety in the home, on the bus, in the park and on the road; as well as learning about how to stay safe near water, builders yards, substationsand level crossings.  The children had a great time with some eye-opening learning experiences and  came away far more knowledgeable about how to keep themselves safe.   

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Autumn Term – 2016


Y5 tshirts

Outdoor Art Day – report by Harry B and Isabelle

While half of Y5 and Y6 were at the tag rugby tournament the rest of the children had an art day. Our main focus was to use our observational and drawing skills to produce our art work based about nature around Grangefield School. Here are some examples of the wonderful artwork we created.

(Y5 – Josh, Ethan, Theo Steven, and James. Y6 – Harry B, Ella, Isabelle Emily, and Amy)

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Y5 Here There and Everywhere – Curic Letter T52016

Party Planners

Year 5 children took part in a Money Sense Work Shop run by RBS.  The children had to plan, create and budget for a party using money skills.  The children worked in small groups and were set a budget of £20 per person for their party.  They had to think about what they would prioritise and what products would offer value for money.  The children then researched the costings using the internet and created a budget using this information.  Finally, the children presented their party to the rest of the class, focusing on value for money.  During the workshop Mark from Coutts & Co supported the children and also shared some of his experiences from the financial sector.  Mark said “Thank you for allowing me to help deliver the MoneySense workshop today……it was great fun and tremendously rewarding to see such an engaged bunch of children.” The children all had a fantastic day learning a really important life skill.

Makey Makey

Children in Year 5 have being using and creating their own circuit boards using Makey Makey’s in their computing lessons. The children have been set the challenge of creating a project which can be performed to the class. The project will link Science, Art, D&t and Computing. We will keep you posted on how the children get on, project pictures to follow!

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Year 5 Anglo Saxon History Workshop

Children in Year 5 started off their History work this term by taking part in an Anglo Saxon workshop. Children were able to possess a range of questions and which were answered by the workshop leader. The children were able to try on Anglo Saxon clothing and see first-hand some of the daily tools used and gain an understanding of how they were used. This was a fantastic way to kick start Year 5’s History topic and all the children thoroughly enjoyed the morning.

Victorian Christmas

Year 5 linked their Christmas party to their History work this term. Children took part in traditional Victorian festivities including, carol singing (with was so good it prompted a visit from the Ecco!) and parlour games. The children has a fantastic day dressing up , what a fantastic way to finish a great Autumn Term!

Primary Mathematics Challenge

On Monday 16th November a selection of Year 5 and Year 6 children took part in the Primary Mathematics Challenge. This is a nationwide competition for pupils to get involved in and the children that took part thoroughly enjoyed the challenge!



Year 5 French Exchange

Y5 children from Bonneville in France came to visit our Y5 children. The children spent the first part of the morning practising their French greetings and then the French children were given a tour of our school. Both French and English teachers led lessons with children joining in and experiencing the differences and similarities in teaching. We finished off the day by taking part in a tag rugby tournament, the children enjoyed playing in mixed teams and all finished the day with big smiles on their faces!

‘It was amazing, some of use made some new friends’ said Charlie and Damian.

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Year 5 Tune It Up!

Children in Year 5 started their music lessons this week. The children are taking part in the Gloucestershire Music whole class program and will be learning how to play brass instruments throughout the Autumn term. As well as perfecting their P, P, P to help generate a clear sound the children will learn about musical dynamics and notation.