Year 6

Spring Term 2020 – Y6 Curriculum

Summer Curriculum Newsletter – Oh! What a Performance 2019

Year 6 had an amazing afternoon making their own pasta.  We created bespoke designs, then cooked some and ate it all!

 Photos from our cooking afternoon.   Y6 have been investigating foods from around Europe.

Some brave children blindfold tasted Sauerkraut from Germany, Taramasalata from Greece, Skyr from Iceland and sweet bread from Spain.

Then we all had a go at making crepes, hummus, baked Camembert and a Swedish salad.

 Everyone loved the afternoon and it only took 2 hours to tidy up afterwards!


One Monday, we had a topic day where we dressed up as Viking warriors and raided the classrooms and found boxes of chocolate.  We acted out a Viking myth called Thor’s stolen hammer. Our first topic in math was number place value, then we moved on to column addition and subtraction followed by long division and multiplication. In English we wrote Viking myths and focused on our setting descriptions. In science we learnt about evolution and inheritance.  Our teacher is reading us how to train your dragon, which is based on the Vikings. In R.E, we have been looking at the difference between Christian and scientific beliefs, we have also been looking at the creation of the earth.

By Joanna and Chloe