Year 6

Day 5 – AM

Day 4 – PM

Feeling shattered from this mornings hill walk we struggled to get to our next session. Relieved that we had a calm activity, which was archery, we conserved our energy for the disco. Following our arrow shooting session we rushed to jump in the pool for water polo, thankful to be away from the direct rays from the sun. Lastly, feeling a wave of relief, we had made it to our final activity of volleyball. Another fun but tiring day – now time for the disco!

Riley, Fin, Ollie and Bob

Day 4 – AM

Trudging up the steep hill we were determined to reach the summit. As we progressed on our walk the beauty that surrounded us was glorious. Rays of sunshine beating down upon us didn’t stop us. Hooray! We had finally reached the top. Now the most challenging of all was to descend the unsteady path back to the coach.

Mary, Danni, Mackenzie and Hollye

Day 3 – PM

We raced down from the lodge: excited to face our next challenge. Feeling confident we started our quest, one obstacle at a time, to complete the Confidence Course. Moving onto our next activity we climbed up the wobbly ramp to the top of the abseiling tower. With help from the instructors we were clipped in. Although we didn’t all make it down the tower we all tried our best to overcome our fears.

Alfie, George, Tilly, Adriana and Milly F

Day 3 – AM

Wondering off site, we trekked through the beautiful countryside until we reached the murky, mysterious lake. Breathing in, we were squeezed into our life jackets and fitted with our helmet. Once on the lake we had the opportunity to try out canoeing and kayaking. Both Mrs Phillips and Mrs Hadfield decided to soak us but we got our revenge.

Ben, Callum, Jacob and William

Day 2 – Evening

Watching the England game.



Celebrating outside after winning on penalties. What a result!


Day 2 AM

Approximately at 7:15am (Mrs Phillips let us have a lie in) we were woken up with a long day ahead of us. Wafting in our faces, the cool summer breeze reminded us of home. Strolling to the dining room, we patiently waited in the queue. Eagerly, we grabbed our trays and cutlery and politely requested our breakfast. Immediately after eating we headed to our activities – rifles and maze.  The maze was a series of underground tunnels and several chambers; rifles is where you aim to hit a small target for different points. We have all had an amazing start to our time away.

Evie, Imy and Summer


Day 1

Full of joy, we jumped off the coach. We had arrived! Running into our lodge we began to unpack. Filled to the brim with excitement, we all marched down to our first activity. What a beautiful place this is. Our surroundings changed our happy faces into stunning, unbelievable emotions.  We are going to have an amazing week!

Lauren, Millie B and Emilia


Trip to ‘We The Curious’


Y6 D&T Day 2

On Wednesday 14 March Year 6 continued with their D&T from last week.  Today we painted our islands following our landscape planning design.  Please see the Y6 page for more photos.


Y6 D&T Day 1

On Thursday 8 March Year 6 had a D&T day.  In English we have been studying Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo.   First of all the children used their sketching skills to draw a map of the Island using the description from the given passage.  Next they moulded their Islands using scrunched up newspaper and masking tape to form their landscape.  Following this the children used Modroc to sculpt their design.  Finally, the children created their shell painting just like Kensuke taught Michael to do in the story.  Watch this space next week for the final product


Y6 Curriculum Newsletter – SPLASH! 2017

Year 6 K’nex Challenge

In maths this week, Year 6 have been working together in small groups to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of place value.  Here are some of the wonderful posters they created:



Each week Year 6 share their thoughts and feelings about their time at school and learning experiences.  We wanted to share some with you.


Year 6 – Cross-curricular Learning

In English this week Year 6 have been studying the life and work of Mary Anning from Lyme Regis and have used our Geography skills to locate where she lives.  We have also been researching facts about fossils in Science and creating observational drawings of various different fossils in Art.  Year 6 have thoroughly enjoyed their week of learning.

Outdoor Learning

K’nex Challenge On Friday 3 March Year 6 competed in the K’nex challenge, where the whole class had to build a vehicle that could rescue people from a burning building. It had to reach two grey rods high and had to be strong.  Here are some pictures of the vehicles.  Congratulations to:  Winners – McKarthy and Kaydon Team Work – Scarlett and Dolly Creativity – Josh and Ethan Problem solving – Isabella and Anisha

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Visit On Friday 24th February Year 6 visited the International Centre for Birds of Prey in Newent. We have had an absolutely fabulous day learning about many different birds of prey with a special talk and tour focusing on our owl groups. We also watched a spectacular birds in flight demonstration which included a falcon, buzzard, owl and eagle.   Hamster fun! Archie and Josh enjoying quality time with the Nuke and Flicker (the Year 6 hamsters) at break time! English Research Homework To be handed in on Monday 9th January 2017 As part of our English topic this term Year 6 are studying owls and will be writing information texts next week. Today the children have watched the Natural World documentary about Super Powered Owls.  Please see link below: The children have now been asked to select an owl of their choice and spend some time over the weekend researching facts about their habitats, diet, special features, breeding and any other relevant information. Many thanks, Mrs Phillips and Mrs Adams Curriculum Newsletter Spring Term Xmas party y6-xmas-party Year 6 Persuasive writing In Year 6 we have been studying Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. This week the children have been using their persuasive language to promote the Island of Kensuke as a holiday destination.  Mrs Phillips has really struggled to only choose a few as they were all so wonderful, please feel free to pop into Y6 to come and read your child’s piece of work.  I think we will want to book a ticket to visit – they have sold it to us! Tilly – Introduction Do you need a break from a stressful lifestyle and depressing weather? Tropical beaches are located here in the wonderful Kingdom of Kensuke.  Enjoy the freshly grown fruit, phenomenal hilltops and transparent seas.   Josh M – Wonderful Weather Kensuke’s Kingdom’s forecast is truly exceptional. Red scorching sun by day and glistening stars at night.  Step onto the lovely warm sun and swim with beautiful dolphins.   Dolly – Blissful Beauty Kensuke’s Kingdom is a voluptuous place to go on holiday with your family. There are lots of fantastic things such as: golden sandy beaches; crystal clear water; dense forests and panoramic views for you and your family to discover.   Jessie – What to do? Whether you are desperate for adventure or just want to lie on a golden sandy beach. Kensuke’s Kingdom is the place for you.  Swim in the luscious crystal sea, with turtles and dolphins or explore the towering dense forests.   Matthew – Peaceful Accommodation In the heart of our Island there is accommodation to relax all day and admire the natural beauty of the island. Comfortable sheets and mosquito nets are available to hire straight from Kensuke’s cave.   Oliver – Conclusion Take in all of the stunning activities this coconut island has to offer. Drink in the wonderful atmosphere and stroll along the blissful beauty of the many beaches.  Kensuke’s Kingdom is the holiday destination of a lifetime!  

Year 6 Art

As our topic this term is ‘No Place Like Home’ Year 6 have been focusing their artwork on observational pencil drawings in the style of Lowry.  Lowry is famous for painting industrial scenes, churches and other buildings in the mid-20th century. Many of his drawings and paintings depict Pendlebury, Lancashire, where he lived and worked for more than 40 years. He developed a distinctive style of painting and is best known for his urban landscapes.  Here are some examples of our artwork in the style of Lowry. 1 2 3 4 5   Nuke and Flicker Every break time four Year 6 children get the chance to look after the hamsters, which we thoroughly enjoy. Furthermore, every weekend two different children get the opportunity to take them home. They are both very unique hamsters: Nuke loves to sleep, on the other hand Flicker is lively and enjoys playing.  They are both 1 year’s old and already enjoy their new class.  They love their cages and we have created play activities with their toys. Written by Bella, Raj, Tomislav and Tilly fullsizerender img_4485 img_4486 img_4488 PGL Visit Day 4 PM – Vertical Challenge Amazingly the Vertical Challenge was better than we expected. It consisted of climbing a ladder, followed by tyres which were very tricky. Next we had to scramble up a climbing wall and finally a cargo net. Getting to the top was like being on top of the world.  By Ethan, Oliver and Daniel. img_4320 img_4327 img_4335 img_4336 Day 4 PM – Zip Wire All harnessed up and ready to go! Filled with excitement we climbed up the stairs until we reached the top of the tower. Feeling a little bit apprehensive we moved to the edge of the platform. Suddenly the excitement started to build so we jumped off and zoomed down the zip wire!  By Anisha, Scarlett, Ellie and Jessie. fullsizerender-1 img_4298 img_4307 img_4319   Day 4 Am – Trapeze and Orienteering This morning we tackled the Trapeze. Firstly we had to climb up a huge pole and stand up on a tiny platform. Finally we had to jump off and try to grab the trapeze. It was great fun swinging up high. Next we walked to the orienteering place where we had to map read to find different points.  By Matthew, Theo, Samuel and Archie. img_4268-1 img_4267-1 img_4284 img_4283 img_4279 img_4271 Day 3 PM – Campfire Photos img_4251 img_4253 img_4255 img_4259 img_4264 fullsizerender Day 3 – PM Activities – Crate Challenge and Challenge Course As the sun began to shine on us for the first time this week we attempted the Crate Challenge. Together as a team we stacked crates to make a tower whilst two children climbed up.  Later on in the day we completed the Challenge Course. It consisted of climbing, jumping, balancing and hanging off obstacles. We’ve had a brilliant afternoon working as a team.   By Charlotte, Isabella and Tilly. img_4220 img_4222 img_4240 img_4244 Day 3 – AM Activities – Jacob’s Ladder and Archery Our first activity today was Jacob’s Ladder. A thrilling challenge that keeps the adrenaline pumping throughout your body. Teamwork is the key to success with this task. The other activity that we attempted this morning was archery. Big smiles filled the air as we approached the targets. Archery develops precision and needs concentration at all times! We’ve had another fun filled morning at PGL.  By Tomislav, Jasper, Damien, Sam, Josh and Zak.   IMG_4188 IMG_4192 IMG_4193 IMG_4196 Day 2 – PM Activities – Tree Top Trail After a great morning, we took part in the adventurous Tree Top Trail. Once we’d completed our training we navigated through the course. High up in the tree tops we met many challenges but eventually our reward was the exhilarating zip wire!  By Charlie, Connor, Joshua and Raj. IMG_4182 IMG_4183 IMG_4185 IMG_4186 Day 2 – AM Activities – Canoeing and Giant Swing With a bumpy start into the glistening lake we went on our canoes. Rocking from side to side we managed to keep the boat stable. We had a huge amount of fun splashing each other with our oars! Excited as ever, we moved to the Giant Swing. As the others pulled us up we were absolutely terrified. However, once the cord was pulled, we flew down with immense joy and laughter. by James, Kaydon, Steven and McKarthy. IMG_4149 IMG_4150 IMG_4152 IMG_4165 Day 1 PGL – Just Arrived Filled with excitement we arrived at PGL. Firstly we ate our lunch as quick as we could so we could go and unpack. Walking into our room, our faces smiled with delight – the room was amazing! It felt like home sweet home. I think we are going to have a great adventure this week! said Dolly, Hetty, Meghan and Liberty IMG_4141 IMG_4143 IMG_4144-1 IMG_4147   Curriculum Newsletter – No Place Like Home – 2016