I love Grangefield because you get to go on school trips and you get to learn things that I never knew before!


The school keeps daily attendance records, each half-day denoting a period of attendance. An Attendance Officer visits the school regularly to inspect our registers. Any child with less than 90% attendance is liable to a letter or a visit. Copies of these reports are sent regularly to Gloucestershire County Council and Young People’s Directorate and to the Department of Education and Employment.

When a child is absent please phone or email the school to report the reason for the absence. If an absence is likely to be lengthy early notification would be appreciated. 


School holiday dates can be found here and also on the school calendar. Experience has shown that where attendance is strong a child achieves more and is more settled. Absences in school time have the impact of not only the days missed but the catch up time afterwards. The right of a head teacher to authorise any absence has been taken away – consequently no family holiday, short break or day out can be authorised, except in exceptional circumstances.  All requests should be made via the ‘Request for a leave of absence during term time’ form.


When a child is unwell, it can be hard deciding whether to keep them off school for parents.  These simple guidelines taken from the NHS website should help: https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/is-my-child-too-ill-for-school/


Our gates open for the children at 8:35am on each school day. They will remain open until 8:45am, when the whistle will be blown and the children will enter their classrooms. This will be when the school day officially starts. After 8:45am the children must come into the building via the main entrance where they will be registered.

Signing In System

We have an electronic signing in system for staff, visitors and pupils.  Parents will be asked to use to the system for the following:

  • To sign their child out if they are leaving school during the school day, for example they are being sent home unwell
  • To sign their child in if they are arriving at school during the school day, for example due to a medical appointment
  • To sign their child in if they have arrive to school late and were not able to enter the school through their Key Stage gate.  A reason for their lateness will have to be given on the system.