Our logo and motto ‘Flying high. Spreading our wings’ sums up our belief that our children should achieve their full potential and be ready for the future.


Children at Grangefield School are encouraged to manage their own behavior with the aid of staff and our school behaviour policy. Incidents of silly behaviour are dealt with immediately and children are encouraged to consider the consequences of their actions. The school assembly is used as a vehicle to promote awareness of socially acceptable behaviour and values. Should a child be involved in a more serious incident or continually inappropriate behaviour their parents will be informed and asked to work with the school to overcome this.


At Grangefield we regard bullying as a deliberate act, which results from a conscious desire to hurt, threaten or frighten someone. The staff agreed on and the school adheres to our anti-bullying policy.


The school encourages a sense of self-discipline. Everyone is encouraged to celebrate their uniqueness, value each other as individuals and respect people and property. Rules are kept to a minimum and are intended to promote a high standard of behaviour and safety. We actively encourage good manners, a respect for the environment and a willingness to care for the feelings of others.


We follow a behaviour policy which allows children to be rewarded wherever possible as well as having a graded sanction system depending on the behaviour shown. It is designed so that children, teachers and parents all work together and follow the same principles.