Grangefield is an amazing school: kind teachers, kind friends, large library, nice hall, good music room, outside equipment, bike parking and scooters to park, good facilities like copse field, good assembly.



Dinner Time

Parents can choose either to send in a packed lunch or to have a lunch provided by Caterlink. All infant children are entitled to a universal free school meal. Meals cost £2.34 and dinners can be purchased through Parent Pay. From March 8th, Caterlink, our caterers, will provide a hot lunch from our school kitchen for some children. The red option and jacket potatoes will be available every day. Due to the logistics of serving the meals in a safe environment hot meals will only be possible for:

  • children in receipt of a universal free school meal. This is free to all children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 who wish to take up the offer.
  • Children in receipt of a free school meal in any year group.
  • Children in Key Stage Two who, every week, have a meal at least 4 or 5 days a week. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate ‘peak’ days (such as Wednesday Roast Day or Friday Fish Day) for Key Stage Two children who do not regularly have a meal.

If your child would not like a school hot dinner please send them in with a home packed lunch.

Lunchtime is considered to be part of the school day and is treated as a social occasion. Children eat under supervision and are encouraged to show good manners and eating habits. Children are encouraged to bring a healthy lunch box. Please avoid fizzy drinks, chocolate bars or sweets or items containing nuts. Children can bring in crisps, chocolate covered biscuits or wafers.

Healthy Eating

Children at Grangefield are encouraged to eat healthy alternatives. The school takes part in the Healthy Eating Programme which involves every EYFS and KS1 child being offered a piece of fruit or vegetable to eat at their morning break. Children are also provided with a water bottle to encourage them to drink throughout the day.

Cool Milk

Grangefield uses a milk scheme, Cool Milk, that is available to all of our pupils.  School milk is free for under-5s, and for over-5s it is available at a subsidised* price of 23p per day.

Each child that registers with Cool Milk will receive a 189ml portion of semi-skimmed milk every day, delivered fresh and chilled to the classroom.  Their school milk will not only provide them with essential nutrients, but as it is rehydrating and energy boosting it also bridges the gap between breakfast and lunch to help children stay focused. For more information on how milk can benefit children visit

How to register

If your child is under five:

  • Register online at
  • Register by Tuesday at 5pm for your child’s free milk to start the following week
  • Free milk will continue until the Friday before your child’s fifth birthday. You will receive a payment request four weeks before their birthday – if you wish your child to continue to receive school milk, simply make a payment.

If your child is five or older:

  • Register and pay online at
  • You can pay Cool Milk either online, over the phone or at a local PayPoint in half-termly, termly or annual instalments.
  • Please register and pay by Tuesday at 5pm for your child’s milk to start the following week

If your child is currently over the age of 5 and entitled to benefit-based free school meals, there is no need to register online.  Please contact the school office, if you wish for your child to receive milk.