Grangefield is an amazing school: kind teachers, kind friends, large library, nice hall, good music room, outside equipment, bike parking and scooters to park, good facilities like copse field, good assembly.



Should your child become ill at school we will contact you so that s/he can be taken home. Certain infectious diseases require that a child be kept away from school for a period. These include sickness, diarrhoea, impetigo, and other contagious illnesses. Please do not bring a sick child in no matter how much they want to be here. Please leave at least 48 hours after a child has last been sick before returning them to school.

Medical/Personal Information

It is very important that the school is informed of any personal or medical matters that may affect a child’s education. Such information will be treated in the strictest confidence.


Many children require an inhaler at some time in their school career. If this is the case with your child we suggest that you arrange for a second inhaler that can be left at the school so that it can be used as necessary. Children should be able to use their own inhalers under school supervision. You will need to complete a medical form with the office in order for your child to use their inhaler in school.

Head lice

Ocassionally we have incidences of head lice at school. Unfortunately, this is common in all schools. Should we be aware of any cases we will inform all parents of the children in the class involved so that parents can check their own children’s hair. Advice on how to remove head lice can be obtained from the chemist.


If your child requires medicine we can administer prescribed medication after your consent has been given and the correct forms have been filled in. On rare occasions we may administer non-prescribed medication. More information can be found on our Medical Policy. Parents are welcome to come into school to administer medication to their child.

Individual Health Care Plans

If your child needs an individual healthcare plan due to a medical condition, Miss Green (SENCO) will work together with parents and medical professionals to create and regularly review a plan. These plans will include all of the information that we need to ensure your child is safe at school, fully included and that they can reach their academic, social and emotional potential.

School Nurse Team

We are fortunate to have access to a school nurse team. They support our school in all matters medical and are available to teachers and parents on request. Should your child be involved, your permission would be sought before we approached the school nurse team.