The school is so great because we have so much space to run around.

Our School Site

We are extremely fortunate to be situated in such a lovely location. Outside we have our football, rugby, rounders and hockey pitches as well as our netball courts. We have an all-weather surface at the rear of the building. Our grounds have been landscaped and the plants, shrubs and trees are becoming established and are enriching our school environment.

Our school buildings are light and modern with exciting displays. We have a wide range of resources including hundreds of books in our library and a copse as part of our school grounds. This is an educational area in which children are able to both study and play. All classrooms are equipped with smart whiteboards to support the children in their learning.


We have a storage facility for bicycles and scooters which is locked during the day. However, bicycles and scooters are brought to school entirely at your own risk. School cannot be responsible for them. We advise that children without cycling proficiency certificates should always be accompanied by an adult.


Car parking space is limited and parents and visitors are asked to avoid causing congestion. Parents are not allowed to bring their cars inside the school gates. We encourage children and parents to walk to school whenever possible. This not only alleviates traffic congestion but is also the healthy option.


Dogs, other than dogs for the disabled, are not allowed on school premises without permission, either in the building or in the grounds for reasons of health and safety.


Our school site is designed in a way that does not allow anyone to enter the school uninvited. Fencing surrounds the outside of the school. The children’s entrance to the school is only open for a limited period each morning and during that time the staff monitors who is entering the building. All other visitors are received at the main school entrance where there are security measures in place. All visitors must sign in before they are allowed into the main school building. All equipment in the school is ‘smartwater’ marked.


Smoking is not permitted on school premises. This is a County Council directive.