I like Grangefield because we don’t learn about one subject every day, we learn about lots of exciting subjects every day. I also love being the Owl Council because I get to count owl merits and help plan events.

Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Karen Lewis – Headteacher

Mrs Gemma Kydd – Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Elander-Phoenix – SENCO

Mr Allard – Phase 1 Leader

Mrs Kay – Phase 2 Leader

Mrs Phillips – Phase 3 Leader

Teaching Staff

Mrs Patel – EYFS Leader and RB Teacher

Miss Sharpe – RA Teacher

Mrs Edwards – Y1A Teacher

Mrs Migliaccio – Y1B Teacher

Miss Bennett – Y2A Teacher

Mr Allard – Y2B Teacher

Miss Dadge – Y3A Teacher

Mr Hyde – Y3B Teacher

Mrs Kay – Y4A Teacher

Mr Wooding – Y4B Teacher

Mrs Moyle – Y5A Teacher

Mr Spicer – Y5B Teacher

Mrs Phillips – Y6A Teacher

Mrs Adams – Y6B Teacher

Mrs Hodgetts – PPA Teacher

Mrs Leigh – PPA Teacher

Mrs Newitt – PPA Teacher

Classroom Support Staff

Mrs Cross – Reception Teaching Assistant

Mrs Phillips -Reception Teaching Assistant

Ms Li – Y1 Teaching Assistant

Miss Lester – Y1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Ogden – Y1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Smith – Y1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Arthur – Y2 Teaching Assistant

Miss Bargus – Y2 Teaching Assistant

Ms Eckersley – Y2 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Moore – Y2 Teaching Assistant

Miss Cullen – Y3 Apprentice Teaching Assistant

Mrs Dixon – Y3 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Hadfield – Y3 Teaching Assistant / Teacher

Mrs Kennedy – Y4 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Prinsloo – Y4 Teaching Assistant

Miss Wiltshire – Y4 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Anderson – Y5 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Goodhall – Y5 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Rushton – Y5 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Kempster – Y6 Teaching Assistant

Mr Mason – Y6 Teaching Assistant

School Support Staff

Office and Family Support Team

Mrs Bowen – School Business Manager

Miss Burges – Administrator

Mrs Austin – Administrative Assistant

Mrs Lack – Family Support Worker

Lunchtime Supervising Team

Mrs Arthur – Midday Supervisor

Mrs Austin – Midday Supervisor

Mrs Baird – Midday Supervisor

Miss Bargus – Midday Supervisor

Mrs Cross – Midday Supervisor

Mrs Dixon – Midday Supervisor

Miss Eckersley – Midday Supervisor

Mrs Li – Midday Supervisor

Miss Lewis – Midday Supervisor

Mrs Osvald – Midday Supervisor

Mrs Rushton – Midday Supervisor

Mrs Wiltshire – Midday Supervisor

Caretaking and Cleaning Team

Mrs Stickings – Caretaker

Ms Taylor – Cleaner

Mr Birch – Cleaner

Mrs Osvald – Cleaner