I like Grangefield because we don’t learn about one subject every day, we learn about lots of exciting subjects every day. I also love being the Owl Council because I get to count owl merits and help plan events.


Our Staff

Mrs Karen Lewis

Mrs Gemma Kydd
Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Migliaccio
Phase 1 Leader

Mr Allard
Phase 2 Leader

Mrs Phillips
Phase 3 Leader

Ms Phoenix

Ms Sharpe
RA Teacher

Mrs Smith
RA Teaching Assistant

Mrs Patel
RB Teacher

Mrs Phillips
RB Teaching Assistant

Mrs Cross
RB Teaching Assistant

Mrs Edwards
Y1A Teacher

Ms  Eckersley
Y1A Teaching Assistant

Mrs Migliaccio
Y1B Teacher

Mrs Mason
Y1B Teaching Assistant

Mrs Cross
Y1B Teaching Assistant

Mr Wooding
Y2A Teacher

Mrs Joscelyne
Y2A Teaching Assistant

Ms Bargus
Y2A Teaching Assistant

Mr Allard
Y2B Teacher

Mrs Dee
Y2B Teaching Assistant

Ms Dadge
Y3A Teacher

Mrs Hadfield
Y3A Teaching Assistant

Mrs Hodgetts
Y3B Teacher

Mrs Kennedy
Y3B Teaching Assistant

Ms Bennett
Y4A Teacher

Mrs Arthur
Y4A Teaching Assistant

Mr Slater
Y4B Teacher

Mrs Rushton
Y4B Teaching Assistant

Mrs Newitt
Y5A Teacher

Mrs Lack
Y5A Teaching Assistant

Mr Spicer
Y5B Teacher

Mrs Anderson
Y5B Teaching Assistant

Mrs Phillips
Y6 Teacher

Mrs Kempster
Y6 Teacher

Mrs Adams
PPA Teacher

Ms Hunt
Family and Child Support Worker

Mrs Bowen

Ms Burges
Assistant Administrator

Mrs O’Connor
Finance Administrator

Ms New

Mrs Stickings

Today marks the 75th anniversary of one of the most important dates in history! 🇬🇧 How are you commemorating at home? #VEDay75

In this weeks assembly Mrs Lewis explores how sharing is linked to our value of compassion. https://youtu.be/I0nUsW8MS50

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