Grangefield is an amazing school: kind teachers, kind friends, large library, nice hall, good music room, outside equipment, bike parking and scooters to park, good facilities like copse field, good assembly.


SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities)

SEND stands for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. At Grangefield School we believe that all children and young people deserve to achieve their best possible outcomes. We are committed to providing an appropriate and high quality education to all children. We seek to raise achievement and lower barriers to learning ensuring access to all educational opportunities. Provision for pupils with SEND is a whole school ethos. We also have a dedicated team of staff with many years of educational experience who ensure that pupils SEND needs are met.

The NEST (Nurturing and Emotional Support Team)

Early Help is about children, young people and families getting the right help at the right time, before issues get worse.

The purpose of “Early Help” is to prevent issues and problems becoming serious and harmful to the child, young person, family and community. When children and families need this extra support, they often need it quickly. Provision of early help support can be at all stages of a child’s life; pre-birth, during pregnancy, childhood or adolescence.

Here at Grangefield School, we recognise the importance of Early Help and as a result, we have a dedicated NEST (Nurturing & Emotional Support Team) consisting of a range of staff members with many years of educational experience between them, each offering different expertise to provide help, support and guidance within school and out. 

As a team, we meet regularly to discuss children in key groups including those with SEN, Early Help Interventions and those on Child Protection or Child In Need Plans. We also discuss any referrals made to us, regarding children or families, with any concerns which could be affecting the mental health and well-being of a child/children or family members.

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