I love this school because I have incredible friends, phenomenal teachers, and achievements are frequently recognised.

Year 2

Our aim for children in Year 2 is to build on skills and knowledge gained in Year 1. They continue to expand their love of learning and to become more independent in their school life. They take on some responsibility for their own learning as well as developing the necessary skills that will help them grow and continue to succeed as they move through the year and into the juniors.

They continue to build on the solid foundations in core and foundation subjects through a thematic approach. Children experience a wide range of themes in year 2, enabling them to explore the curriculum in an inspiring way. Our topics throughout the year are: All Creatures Great and Small’, ‘Over the Ocean Waves’ and ‘From Farm to Fork.’

Our children have increased responsibilities being in the last year of the infants. Children gain confidence in speaking and listening to others, participating in group work and through school performances.

Children continue to have an active role in school life, creating links with other children and adults across the school community through Owl Groups where they learn about how they belong in the World as a global child. This is through a range of tasks and activities linked to RE, Art and PSHCE.

Our children love learning and succeed across all areas of the curriculum, developing a growth mindset using our Can Do Croc mascot to support this. They all have a positive attitude and self-belief knowing that it’s good to be me which will stay with them for life.

Year 2 Gallery