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Year 3 have been busy...
Year 3 have been learning lots of exciting things about Ancient Egypt in their history lessons. Recently, we have been investigating how mummification occurred. We began by showcasing what we thought mummies may look/have looked like. Next, we used our enquiry skills to find out how mummification took place. We used lots of resources, including books and the internet. We used all of this information to form our conclusion!

Year 3

Year 3 is the first step into the Juniors and we understand the importance of a smooth and pleasurable transition from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2.  This is an exciting time as the children will be moving into a new building and the structure of the day will change slightly from that of the Infants. Each child is encouraged to develop a growth mindset and have a positive attitude towards their learning, knowing that making mistakes is all part of their learning journey, using the ‘Can Do Croc’ as an inspiration to overcome challenges.

Three different topics are studied throughout the year.  These include: ‘Awesome Egyptians’ which is a History based topic for the Autumn Term, ‘Angry Earth’ which incorporates our Geography curriculum within the Spring Term, and finally in the Summer Term our topic is called ‘Monolith to Metal’ which again is History themed, looking at life from the Stone Age to the Iron Age.

In Year 3 we link our English texts to each topic so the books we study for our fiction narratives are: Egyptian Cinderella, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Stone Age Boy.

Throughout the Spring Term, Year 3 has an exciting opportunity to go swimming each week at Tewksbury Leisure Centre. For those who are unable to swim, they will be taught this vitally important life skill.  Children who can already swim will be able to improve on their distance swimming and lifesaving techniques.  

Year 3 Teaching Staff

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