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This term we are carrying out different investigations based around all areas of the Year 4 science curriculum. This week we have made spinners and investigated the inquiry question, ‘Does the size of the rotor affect how long it takes to fall to the ground?’ The children made spinners of various sizes and tested their predictions.

Year 4

In Year 4 we aim to combine learning with laughter and enjoyment; we believe that school should be enjoyable and learning is much easier when it is. The children will be building on the independence and solid foundations they gained from their first year in the juniors and we expect them to take on more responsibility in their learning and organisation.

This year, Year 4 will be getting their teeth into these exciting topics; Romans, Mountains and the Greeks. 

Having a Growth Mindset is at the heart of all our learning. We want the children to understand that learning is a journey and that we will make mistakes on the way. Mistakes should be celebrated as opportunities to learn.

Year 4 is such an incredible year in their journey – the progress they display is always remarkable and we are proud of what they achieve by the end of the year!

Year 4 Teaching Staff

Miss Bennett

Mrs Arthur

Mr Slater

Mrs Rushton

Year 4 Gallery

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