I like Grangefield because the teachers make every subject fun! There are lots of lovely books to choose and read. After school there are endless clubs to choose from: football, netball, cross country, dance (street and ballet) etc. I like all the teachers at Grangefield because they always listen to ideas.

Year 5

Year 5 is an exciting time for our pupils as they move into Upper Key Stage 2. Within this year, the teaching team will support the children to develop their resilience and growth mind-set in order to become confident and independent learners, as well as enhancing team work skills to develop the children’s ability to work in groups. Most importantly, we strive to ensure that the children come into the class room to find a happy, safe and secure learning environment, where learning is fun!

Lots of exciting learning occurs over the year; the children explore three topics over the three terms. These include: ‘Through the Keyhole’ across the autumn terms, which has a history focus, ‘Everywhere we go’ in the spring terms, which incorporates geography and ‘Out of this World’ in the summer terms which has an emphasis on science. Within these topics, there are many opportunities for rich cross-curricular learning to occur to enhance and make relevant the children’s learning experiences. We are always very proud of what the children achieve within Year 5!