Year 6 Gallery

As part of their Jigsaw lessons, Year 6 acted out different scenarios about rights and responsibilities that we have.

Year 6 is a great year. We have the opportunity to do great things. Our teachers push us to challenge ourselves, come out of our comfort zone and use our Growth Mindset.

Year 6

Your child has now reached Year 6, the top of the school and their final year at Grangefield. Their final year is full of exciting opportunities and chances to take on extra responsibilities; you may have had the pleasure of meeting some of our Year 6 children at our open days.

As we prepare your children for the next step in their journey, Year 6 focuses on ensuring they have the required skills to transfer effectively. Pupils will be stretched, challenged and supported both academically and personally to ensure they leave Grangefield as well rounded people.

We encourage children to take further ownership of their learning, develop independence in managing their time and organising their personal belongings. This ensures they have the maturity and resilience required to take on future challenges. As well as striving to reach the highest possible standards in core curriculum areas, Year 6 children will continue to experience a varied, rich and fulfilling range of learning opportunities ensuring their final year at Grangefield is broad and balanced.

Year 6 concludes with a residential trip where the children will spend a week away from home. We believe this allows them to develop skills such as teamwork, self-belief and determination outside of the school environment and tackle a range of challenges which push them beyond their normal boundaries.

Secondary Transfer

The Gloucestershire County Council Children and Young People’s Directorate sends parents of children in Year 6 information regarding transfer to secondary school early in the Autumn term.

Registration for grammar school takes place during Summer term of Year 5 – further information is available from the grammar school websites.

We hope that all of our children are offered a place at their preferred school.

We work closely with the schools in the area to supply them with any relevant information about the children and to ensure a smooth and hopefully, stress free transfer.

We are happy to pass on to the children and parents any information we receive about or from the secondary schools to which our children may transfer.

Year 6 throughout the year