Our logo and motto ‘Flying high. Spreading our wings’ sums up our belief that our children should achieve their full potential and be ready for the future.

Our Values and Drivers

At Grangefield School we have high expectations of all our children. We are committed to educating in a holistic way focusing on the social, moral, creative and artistic as well as the academic. We hold six core values close to us and embed these values into everything we do.

Our Values

  • Friendship – we welcome everyone into our school community learning and playing together.
  • Respect – we show consideration and thoughtfulness for others and our environment.
  • Responsibility – we look after others and ourselves.
  • Honesty and Trust – we tell the truth and do what is right.
  • Excellence – we strive to become exceptional learners.
  • Determination – we believe in ourselves and never give up.

                                               Curriculum Drivers

  • Solid Foundations – We place a strong emphasis on English and Maths; being a confident reader, writer and mathematician enables success across the curriculum, ensuring our children are fully prepared for their next step in education.
  • Global Child – By having the opportunity to learn about different places in the world, including their local community and Great Britain, we want our children to become Global citizens and have respect for all cultures and the environment. Having a strong grounding in their own community and culture enables the interpretation of another culture and we inspire our children to be curious about the world and the need to preserve it.
  • Good To Be Me – We explore wellbeing, resilience and embrace uniqueness. By celebrating the good things that children do in school, at home and as part of the community, we build their confidence and self-esteem. Through this they will be happy, strong, kind individuals with personal and emotional skills to help them thrive in life.
  • Growth Mindset – Based around a learning theory developed by Dr Carol Dweck, we believe that by encouraging children to have a growth mindset they will have a positive attitude to learning, embracing mistakes as opportunities for growth and putting energy into overcoming challenges.